Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Zulkassim Daud in ICU at Singapore General Hospital

Actor Zulkassim in ICU at SGH

Loss of consciousness after falling and hitting his head floor

Actor David Zulkassim veteran, 64 years old, confined to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) from a week ago after a fall at his home.

He was still unconscious and is now in the intensive care unit (ICU) SGH Neuroscience.

Zulkassim said to fall a few minutes after prayers NOON on Wednesday, a day before he and his wife, and mother-in-law is scheduled to go back to Auckland, New Zealand, where he resides since seven years ago.

According to his wife, Ms. Suzana Samsudin, 44, Zulkassim dropped her back and her head hitting the floor in their room. Effects of swelling arose immediately.

Although his eyes were still open at that time, he could not respond when his name was called, according to Ms. Suzana, who was driving the car in pursuit of her husband to the hospital.

'According to doctors, have blood clots in various parts of his head. So far, the blood pressure in his brain a bit out of control, "said Ms. Suzana, an employee of a dairy company based in New Zealand.

So far the operation to control the pressure in his head had been done.

Reported to stabilize the situation until yesterday but has not passed out.

Zulkassim nervous and had a problem several years ago using a walking stick.

It is understood that he and his wife returned to Singapore last month for the middle mother-in-law invited to Auckland to stay with them a few months.

However, their departure delayed several days because of visa problems mother-in-law.

While here, Zulkassim met many friends to make the recording arts and stage design Color 94.2 FM Radio, together wrote the script for M. Safri A. Manaff.

While young, Zulkassim, father of four children, is active with the National Theatre Club and the Society of Arts and a respected actor.

He was contemporary with the director Nadiputra.

In addition to acting in active play program, he frequently operates drama workshops.

He has also initiated plans Tok children braid. His voice is normal to the air in the Radio Theatre program.

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