Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens New Leaked Photos 2011 Scandal

Vanessa Hudgens New Leaked Photos Scandal

New nude Hudgens pics leaked

Who is Leaking the Vanessa Hudgens Nude Pics?

Yes, a new set of racy Vanessa Hudgens photos really have hit the Internet. No one from the actress' camp has denied the validity of the images that were first leaked last night.

WATCH Vanessa Hudgens New Leaked Photos Online

But, no, insiders swear, Hudgens did not snap these images any time in the recent past.

They are simply leftover from an incident in 2009, when Vanessa sued a website for posting various shots of her in the buff without her "knowledge or consent."

New photos of Vanessa Hudgens, which appear to show the actress completely naked, have leaked online.

A third set of nude snaps, allegedly featuring Hudgens, were published on various websites on Tuesday morning.

The High School Musical star's good girl image was first tarnished in 2007 when provocative pictures of Hudgens first appeared online. Last year, Hudgens was left red-faced again when new snaps circulated on the web.

WATCH Vanessa Hudgens New Leaked Photos Online

Sources say whoever leaked the photos this time is trying to sabotage the star's career. The untimely scandal arrives two weeks after Hudgens' film Beastly hit U.S. theatres on 4 March, and just before her next movie release, Suckerpunch, hits U.S. theatres on 25 March.

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