Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shaw Nex Cinema Premiere Theatre of Singapore

Thanks to the folks from Shaw Theatres, I got to visit their premiere theatres at nex shopping mall for a private screening of Nicole Kidman’s THE RABBIT HOLE some weeks back on 15 Feb.

The two premiere cinema halls at Shaw Theatres nex (Serangoon Central) was officially launched on 18 Feb.

Targeted at a discerning audience, premiere aims to provide a premium cinematic experience to consumers, complete with deluxe leather seats and premium dine-in services within a cosy hall of 48 seats. premiere is also the first premium halls in Singapore to feature digital RealD 3D technology and to be located at a suburban district.
The posh lounge (picture provided by Shaw)

I really enjoyed the large sofa seats and the accompanying blankets. It felt as if one is sitting on the Business Class seat in an airplane. The food menu offers a wide selection of gourmet fare ranging from truffle fries, steak to popcorn.
The sofa seat that impressed many bloggers who attended the event

The sofa seat that impressed many bloggers who attended the event (picture provided by Shaw)
premiere lounge area

premiere tickets are priced at $20 for off-peaks and $25 for peak periods. For 3D movies, the charges are $25 for off-peaks and $30 for peaks.

That’s about three times the price of a regular movie ticket. For those who value privacy and a more premium cinematic experience, the price difference will be well worth it.

For me, I find it a great option to have if so happen I am feeling a bit more ostentatious or for some special occasions, decided to hit the cinema. :)

Shaw Theatres has looked into every aspect possible to bring about added comfort. Each deluxe leather seat comes with an extra 500mm of legroom compared to those found in regular cinema halls, and are spaced in pairs to cater for additional privacy. The reclining capability of the chair adds a special touch by allowing patrons to choose the most comfortable position for themselves. The selection of Western-Continental delicacies on the menu are designed by an in-house chef and freshly prepared in a dedicated kitchen. And to bring it to the next level, customers can look forward to freshly laundered blankets that are replaced after every screening.

With the inclusion of media presentation technology, premiere is also ideal for private bookings (e.g. birthday and anniversary parties) and corporate events. Guests may chill out and dine at the exclusive lounge, pre-screen, before the movie screening.

premiere tickets are priced at $20.00 and $25.00 for off-peak (Mondays to Wednesdays, and Thursdays excluding opening titles) and peak (eve of public holidays, public holidays, opening days, sneak previews and Fridays to Sundays) periods respectively. For 3D movie, tickets are priced at $25.00 for off-peak and $30.00 for peak.

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