Friday, March 18, 2011

pac@gov Singapore's Secure Civil-Service Wide System Register or Sign Up Process | PAC@Gov in Singapore

    pac@gov Singapore's Secure Civil-Service Wide System

You can access the "PaC@Gov" system from the Government Intranet and select the Latest Pay Advice from the "Pay Info" icon. You may opt to receive your pay advice and other pay-related notifications, such as performance bonus notification, salary revision, etc via e-mail.

Introduction : Overview

Welcome to PaC@Gov User Guide.

PaC@Gov is a user-friendly and secure Civil-Service wide system for you to:

    * view your pay-related information (Pay Information Module) and
    * submit your claims (Claims Module) and
    * update your personal profile and bank account information (Personal Preference Module) and
    * make ComChest contributions (Personal Preference Module)

With PaC@Gov, you can view more than just your latest pay information! You are able to view

    * Pay information for the past 12 months
    * Year-to-date balance
    * Form 8E
    * Current salary scale/point
    * Allowance/deduction codes
    * Notification letter
    * SRS form

You can also use this intranet application to make claims for

    * Medical fees (incurred at private clinics only)
    * Dental fees
    * Transport expenses
    * General purchases
    * Overseas claim

This guide is designed to familiarize yourself with PaC@Gov.

pac gov Anytime , Anywhere Maintain Personal Profile

Introduction : PaC@Gov Screen Design

Generally, the screens in PaC@Gov are divided into 3 parts.

The left hand side of the Pay Portal's screen is the "Left Menu Bar" where various modules (e.g. Pay Info, Claims, Personal Preference) are available for your selection.

The biggest area of the screen is the "Content Page". It displays the content of the modules that the users select on the left menu bar.

The bottom section of the screen in Pay Portal comprises 3 buttons. They are FAQ, Change Password and Logout.


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