Thursday, March 17, 2011

Litespeed Vortex Super Speed Bicycle $ 5000

Litespeed is a U.S. bicycle manufacturer founded by David Lynskey in Ooltewah, Tennessee, near Chattanooga. The company has its roots in a family-owned custom machine shop known as Southeast Machine that specialized in exotic metals. Its interest in bicycles began while one of the members of the founding family took up cycling while recovering from a running injury; this led eventually to manufacturing its first bicycle in 1986.

Litespeed makes titanium-framed road racing bicycles and mountain bikes. From 2002-2006, Litespeed also used aluminum and carbon fiber but it returned to titanium exclusively in late 2006. Litespeed is owned by the American Bicycle Group, parent company of bicycle manufacturers Merlin and Quintana Roo as well as component fabricator Real Design.

In the 1999 Tour de France, Lance Armstrong rode a titanium Litespeed Blade painted and labeled as a Trek during time trials. Several professionals have ridden Litespeeds painted as other brands. European brands such as Eddy Merckx and Bianchi have contracted Litespeed to construct titanium frames in their own lines.

Litespeed sponsored the DFL-Cyclingnews-Litespeed and Calyon/Litespeed Pro Cycling road teams and the Maxxis mountain bike team. The World Cup ITU Triathlon champion Vanessa Fernandes (Portugal) also raced on a Litespeed.

Litespeed has been a contractor and consultant to NASA for projects that require titanium-intensive subassemblies.

Road Models

Archon: The Archon racing bicycle incorporates 6/4 titanium in its top tube for torsional stiffness and reduced weight. A number of tube junctions are welded in a contoured pattern called a wrap, claimed to increase the stiffness of the junction. The Archon is available in flat and sloping top tube. The Archon does not utilize an integrated headset but a traditional threadless headset with external bearing cups

Icon: A racing bicycle that incorporates many design elements of the Archon but a more supple ride at the expense of greater weight and reduced stiffness. The Icon utilizes softer 3al-2.5v titanium for its entire frame but weight. The Ardennes features impact-damping tapered seat stays similar to those on the Siena and geometry similar to the compact layout of the Ghisallo. Less aggressive tube butting and shaping accounts for higher weight and lower price.

Sportive: A road bicycle that favors comfort and stability over weight and race response. It is designed as an entry-level model to offer a comfortable ride.

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