Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Go Young Wook Korea Han Sunhwa Revealed her Special Relationship

On the latest episode of SBS Strong Heart, Secret’s Han Sunhwa revealed her special relationship she had with Roo’Ra’s Go Young Wook Korea. On her “talk” chalk board, she wrote “Ryeo Won, Kim Min Hee, Lee Min Jung and I.”

Sunhwa commented, “If Go Young Wook Korea picks you, you will become a top star. I too, was picked by Go Young Wook Korea.” If some of you didn’t know, Go Young Wook Korea in the past visited Strong Heart and revealed the same thing, and said that people who he picked all became top stars in the end.

Sunhwa explained how she first met Go Young Wook Korea, saying, “Several years ago, I was cast into SBS Super Star Survival. After watching my performances, Go Young Wook Korea gave me a call. He asked me if I wanted to debut [as an artist], which I answered ‘okay.’ He then said, ‘Do you know Ryeo Won? I knew she was going to be a top star.’”

When Sunhwa went to the president of an agency with Go Young Wook Korea, the president commented, “Do you think you can do the activities done by celebrities?” and Sunhwa was rejected. While Sunhwa was walking out crying, Go Young Wook Korea gave her strength, saying, “You can do it.” Later on, Sunhwa was able to debut through her group Secret, and she is now a celebrity.

During this episode, Go Young Wook Korea made a ’surprise’ visit to the studio where he commented, “At first, I wasn’t sure whether or not Sunhwa was going to do well” which surprised the cast around. But he added, “Back then, she didn’t have her plastic surgery,” which left the cast in stitches. “But I think she was more cute back then.“

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