Thursday, March 17, 2011

Destination Truth live stream Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Josh Gates and his Destination Truth crew are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Syfy with the first-ever live investigation in which Gates will whisk viewers away to the rolling hills of Ireland for a four-hour season 4.5 premiere of Destination Truth. On Thursday, March 17 at 7pm on Syfy, Josh Gates and his team investigate the crumbling ruins of Duckett’s Grove Castle in search of the truth behind the legend of the frightening Banshee.

The live special kicks off six new episodes of Destination Truth that begin on March 22 and will feature adventures in Namibia, Cyprus, Panama and Argentina. Also in a Destination Truth first, Gates and crew will venture to Antarctica for an expedition to uncover strange phenomena occurring around abandoned research stations. As Syfy prepares for a new season of Destination Truth, fans are in for bigger investigations on a haunting global scale.

[Destination Truth] Leading up to the live St. Patrick’s Day investigation of Destination Truth, TheDeadbolt hooked up their recorders to get investigative thoughts from host Josh Gates about his Irish exploits into the Banshee, his journey to Antarctica, and how Gates and his crew deal with paranormal speech on Destination Truth.

THE DEADBOLT: What are some interesting things you discovered while researching the Banshee before you went over to Ireland?

JOSH GATES: I think we experienced some of the same surprises that we experienced when we were investigating the Leprechaun story last year, which is that there’s this really intense connection in Ireland to their folklore. You meet a lot of people who really are invested in these paranormal reports. They really believe that these ghosts are there. They believe that the Banshee is there and they claim to have had these first person experiences that are really compelling when you listen to them. So I think that the real challenge for us is to be as respectful as possible of these beliefs.

These are stories and legends that really define Irish culture. So we’re excited to go over there and take these great stories, some of which you’ll be seeing on the night of the live show from these eye witnesses, and then going in and investigating their claims and seeing if we can put a face to what it is that they’re seeing and hearing and experiencing.

THE DEADBOLT: Aside from the ice and snow, how is Antarctica different from other isolated places you’ve investigated?

Destination Truth live stream

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