Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chloe Wang Stars in KPOP Group Big Bang’s “Tonight” MV

Hm, what an interesting turn of events. I’m a casual KPOP fan but never got around to checking out the new MV from KPOP group Big Bang for their song “Tonight”. But then I saw an article about the leading lady and it turns out CPOP star and Chicago native Chloe Wang played the love interest for the 5 fellas – to the chagrin of millions of fan girls all over the world. Good for her, it’s great exposure and I’m sure thousands of people who didn’t know about her before know about her now. Let’s hope this will only give her a boost in her own career!

Chloe Wang Her Chinese name means “bright and shiny, his gaze is reminiscent of Miley Cyrus and her voice brings us back to the days before the fall of Britney and Christina before she goes Dirrty. Chloe Wang is a small dynamo continentally.Born committed a major intersection in Chicago of a white American mother and a Chinese American father, Chloe was fascinated by her Chinese roots after the Olympic spotlight shone in Beijing in 2008. He has since taken the pop music world by storm with China hits like the love of English and Belle attack, and has set his sights on the American charts.

Chloe singing as a teenager Wang burst onto the scene in China a year ago. Half Chinese American actor from Chicago made his first video in Mandarin and English and live in a concert for 30,000 people, seemingly overnight. She did not have much experience dance and sing along, but his determination led him through.Chinese musical sensation Chloe Wang will host a new show called Nick youth, nightlife and Nick Cannon Aaron cool. The show is about getting your groove on hot music videos, meet their favorite celebrities, and pick scoops.The night dance style to his home every Thursday evening from August 5 at 9:30 ET.

Not really sure what to expect, but promises to be a program to offer the latest music in a format suitable for children. We are very pleased Tunes Chloe and we hope that this will only continue to open more doors for her! Up one level next week, August 5 9:30 EST.After releasing their video for “Uh Oh” in Chinese and 30,000 people playing live music at the Festival of Zebra, which was concentrated in its next move. This means that lots and lots of practice. Routines work on dance, perfecting new songs, and learn Chinese for five hours a day to be one of the first stars of the successful transplantation of the United States to China.

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