Monday, March 14, 2011

BrightSparks Singapore Scholarships

BrightSparks is the top destination for scholarship, university and career research for JC students, top polytechnic graduates and top undergraduates. Scholarship and higher education providers have the unique opportunity via BrightSparks to reach out to Singapore's brightest students. 90% of all A Level students with 4As, top diploma graduates (Merit above) and top university undergraduates use BrightSparks for their career, education and scholarship research.
    Benefits of BrightSparks
  • Collation of virtually ALL scholarships available in Singapore
  • Online scholarship applications using ONE form
  • Foreign and local university resources
  • Forum to share and discuss your thoughts
Please enter BrightSparks via the school logos below if you are a current student of these schools. If your school is not listed or if you have graduated from the school, please enter via the general BrightSparks site. Alternatively, all students may also use the Students Login box and you will be redirected to the appropriate portal. New users, please register here.

JobsFactory welcome enquiries from scholarship providers, higher education providers, as well as organizations interested in reaching out to the captive BrightSparks audience. Please contact our friendly representatives and we would be happy to explore how we can help you.

BrightSparks Contact us at 6776 6640.

BrightSparks Email us at

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