Friday, March 25, 2011

Arthur Lee Wee Guan Singaporean Businessmen Murdered in Malaysia

KEDAH, MALAYSIA - A Singaporean businessman was found stabbed to death and left naked by a roadside in Malaysia.

59-year-old Arthur Lee Wee Guan, who is listed as the director of, was stabbed three times in his neck. He was wearing only his briefs when he was found.

The Straits Times reported that his body was found by a passer-by about 5km away from a hillside resort in Gunung Jerai. He was not a guest at the resort.

Mr Arthur Lee Wee Guan is believed to have been dead for at least six hours before his body was found.

The English newspaper also reported the Malaysian police as saying that the deceased was believed to have been killed elsewhere before the body was dumped.

According to the Straits Times, Mr Arthur Lee Wee Guan was a grassroots volunteer at Teck Ghee and was active in Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's ward in Ang Mo Kio GRC.

Other grassroots volunteers were shocked at the news of his death. PM Lee also issued a statement expressing his condolences.

The deceased's company supplies books internationally and have publications in diverse fields. The Straits Times reported that staff in the Malaysian office had not heard from Mr Arthur Lee Wee Guan in a week.


Arthur Lee Wee Guan Died in Kedah, Singapore

Arthur Lee Wee Guan Dead | Arthur Lee Wee Guan died in Malaysia | Malaysia Business Man Arthur Lee Wee Guan found dead by Singapore police

Arthur Lee Wee Guan – A Singaporian Businessman aged 59 was died along a roadside in the northern malaysia in kedah on Monday.

Mr Arthur Lee Wee Guan, 59 years old was a successful businessman in the country had lot of stab wounds in his neck and back part of the body.

Arthur Lee Wee Guan Found Dead

Mr. Arthur Lee Wee Guan was the Director of and vice-president general manager in the Times The Bookshop.

on the road side accident there were no identification documents found of him. Kedah officials found him from the fingerprint database of malaysia & singapore to identify him.

Arthur Lee Wee Guan was a 59-year-old businessman of Singapore.

Singaporean businessman murdered in Kedah

In the eyes of others, he was a humble, easygoing and approachable man despite his high status.

Yet Singaporean businessman Arthur Lee Wee Guan, 59, was found stabbed, stripped and dumped dead by a roadside in the northern Malaysian state of Kedah on Monday.

He had three stab wounds to his neck and was found dressed only in his briefs, reported The Straits Times (ST).

A passerby discovered his body about 5km from a hillside resort in Gunung Jerai on Monday morning, believed to have been at least six hours after his death, said the Kedah police.

He had not been a guest at the resort, which is about 40km from the state capital Alor Star.

Kedah police criminal investigation chief Mohd Zakaria Ahmad told ST yesterday that Lee is believed to have been killed elsewhere before his body was dumped.

"There were no signs of struggle or any commotion," he said, noting the absence of a trail of blood leading to the body. Gunung Jerai is a quiet area and this is the first such case there, said Assistant Commissioner Zakaria.

Lee's wife Clara identified and claimed the body from the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Star yesterday after Kedah police checked his fingerprints against the Singapore database. No identification documents were found on him.


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