Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

Valentines Day Coloring Pages!

Twilight coloring page movie theme art project ideas for older kids celebrating St. Valentines Day by learning about teen romance —

[Feb. 13]

Have elementary school age little brothers and sisters working on Valentines Day coloring pages and not exactly sure how to entertain or involve middle school or high school age big brother and big sisters? Parent and grandparents looking for Valentines Day activities for older kids have no fear! Twilight movie theme arts and crafts that focus on kids just old enough to start thinking about love when it comes to teen age romance are just the right Valentine’s Day activity.

Mahalo offers a great selection of Twilight movie series theme arts and crafts ideas — and Valentines Day Coloring pages for Gen Me kids. The crafty website hosts write:

Twilight fans who enjoyed the release of the movies in the series, Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse may enjoy coloring pages or printable activities. This guide provides links to Twilight information and links and images of Twilight coloring pages. Whether you’re a fan of Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Bella, the links on this page will provide a passageway to items that can help you express yourself and reinvent the vampire world on paper.

Twilight fans may choose to buy coloring pages or photo books at local book stores in hard copy and trace or use the books as a guide to draw their own Bella and Edward or Bella and Jacob pictures. By buying a thin tracing paper or an onion skin paper, any picture can be traced and copied onto a heavier stock paper. This allows the picture to be hand colored, color schemes developed to match where the picture will be used or a new picture combination made. Another possible means of making your own Twilight coloring pages is to convert on line pictures to a black and white copy and provide your own coloring or shading before adding to a frame or poster.

Another good website that has Twilight coloring pages and Valentines Day coloring page activities for kids is Surfing the Net with Kids. They share, “Twilight fans rejoice! Get out your crayons for these beautiful printable Twilight coloring pages of Bella, Edward and Jacob. Or try this for recommended websites or more Twilight games.”

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