Monday, February 14, 2011

Funny Valentines Day Pictures

Since Caroline is 18 weeks pregnant, we’ve decided that this won’t be the year to send out Valentine’s Day pics. In fact, we never really send out Valentine’s Day pics. We take care of providing friends and family formal photographic evidence of our ever-increasing brood every Yuletide. But we did take pictures of our kids on one Valentine’s Day. Hard to believe it was two years ago. The very best of all the ones we took appears to the left. Pretty sad, no? Don’t we look like a cute little meth family? With a bad static-cling problem? And no running water?

But I still love that pic. In my eyes, it’s cute. No matter how unkempt we look. (I promise we bathe them. Even the big one.) Regardless, it can’t hold a candle to some of the other Valentine Day disasters I recently saw.

So if you ever find yourself wishing you and your crew took better Valentine’s Day pictures, fear not. I have a collection that will make you feel much better about your efforts. No matter what you looked like when the photographer said “Cheese!”

See, the friendly folks at the Daily Beast have put together a slideshow of Awkward Valentines Photos. I was too busy chuckling to confirm this, but I’m pretty sure it’s an offshoot of Awkward Family Photos. Talk about an entity which will ALWAYS make you feel better about some of your least proud moments before the lens.

And if not? Well, maybe you just shouldn’t take pictures. OR, you could always continue to take them, then submit them to Awkward Family Photos. You know, to make the rest of us feel better about ourselves.

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