Monday, February 14, 2011

Edible Arrangements

Edible arrangements is a great alternative to chocolate and flowers this Valentine’s Day. My husband has gotten me edible fruit arrangements several times in the past. It’s such a wonderful gift you can share with the one you love. They have the most lovely arrangements, all made from delicious high quality fruit. Some of the bouquets even consist of chocolate covered fruits. A few of my favorite arrangements they offer have heart-shaped cut pineapple and chocolate covered strawberries. You can even customize your order by adding a cute and cuddly teddy bear or a balloon. And it’s not too late to put in your order, many locations across the country are still accepting orders for this Valentines day. Just call their toll free number, 1-877 DoFruit, or contact the Edible Arrangements store nearest you.
To say Edible Arrangements is a fruitful business puts it mildly.

The international company that employs about 200 people at its Wallingford headquarters, aside from 30 locations across the state, recently celebrated the signing of its 1,000th franchise, in the Atlanta area.

In 2010, the privately held company opened 84 stores in the U.S., nine internationally and has 123 signed commitments for other new stores. Year-over-year revenue grew 12.3 percent last year, compared to 2009, and 14.4 percent in 2009 compared to 2008.

It was Tariq Farid who came up with the idea of making a bouquet of fresh fruit — specifically fruit that holds up well, said his younger brother Kamran, 32.

For the company to grow, it took repeated conversations to explain that fruit cut into the flower shapes, and put on skewers, was a viable gift for birthdays, deaths or holidays.

"What grew us so quickly is acceptance of the product," Kamran said.

He plans to continue its growth in the U.S. and outside the country. In the next few months, stores are scheduled to open in San Francisco, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Utah. Internationally, stores are slated to open in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, both in the United Arab Emirates; Doha, Qatar; Mumbai, India; Hong Kong; Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia; Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey; Amman, Jordan; and Rome.

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