Sunday, March 27, 2011

iPhone 5 Release Date Singapore : iPhone 5 Release Date 2011

Apple iPhone 5 is a new version of iPhone series and its features are very amazing. It is schedule to release in summer this year. It is corresponding with Apple’s tradiational June July models. Some people said that they were released date is January 2011.

The iPhone 4 has antenna problem and when new phone is introduce, another version of iPhone 5 will also be introduce with improvement.
iPhone 5 Release Date

iPhone 5 Release Date In Singapore

Apple’s new iPhone 5 operating system is with in improve quality but will be enable to access the 4G network. It has highly fast processor of 1.5 GHz. It has improved battery time which has 14 hours of talk time on 3G and 7 hours on AG. It also has carriers other than AT and T. On WiFi video chat on 3G and 4G network is also available. This phone has quality to identify Radio Frequency. It is as simple as you can use your credit card. By using your iPhone you can get rid of waiting for your turn in long queue, you can do this by your wireless iPhone. It is the original technology that was introduce by Apple in which powerful RFID loop can be transformed into a circulatory iPhone touch screen. It provides huge inside storage that is 64 GB and in addition to this more storage is also available.
iPhone 5 has sleek and smart outlook and have shiny glass back. The screen is water and scratch proof/ GPS is built in and users can assign different tones with different email ids. There are very rumours against the dates of release in Singapore but may be it will be available in summer.

iPhone 5 Review - iPhone 5 Specification and Release Date

iPhone 5 First Look

"IPhone 5 for the first time exposure, coming soon. 1.5GHz A4 processor, the use of new materials N coating shell, this shell with a scratch-resistant coating of nitrogen effects wear. 800 million sensors, and the iPhone 5 fully resolved the signal problem, and will support 4G connectivity, a 32GB memory or 64GB, In addition, endurance capacity has also been a substantial increase. "Recently, an Apple iPhone 5 sneak peek of the" bib "speedy forwards and a thousand times ten thousand more comments. Of course, the news has not yet been officially confirmed by Apple.
Specification of iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5 Higher pixel camera

According to insiders of new iphone 5 Sony is developing better performance for the iPhone 5 megapixel camera 800. In fact, as early as April this year when the iPhone 4 not released to the news that iPhone 5 has been used by Sony will offer 800 million pixel camera module assembly, but this is still higher than the current 12 million pixel mobile phone behind . Of course, the camera quality is not only the pixel to see if the processor chip is poor, high resolution is also a cloud.

iPhone 5 Faster CPU

1GHz of CPU frequency current is almost the standard high-end smart phone, but as the first to spend Droid 2 Global Motorola's 1.2GHz CPU, I believe more next year, all of which will follow up on the flagship Android. So the rumors of iPhone 5 A4 will spend Apple 1.5GHz processor is not groundless.

In fact, Apple acquired PA Semiconductor, we began to design and launch its own CPU. Will use the new A4 on the iPhone 5 to 1.5GHz processor speed worth the wait.

iPhone 5 New material coating shell N

For the iPhone 4 you must have seen the picture screen is shattered, right? iPhone 5 once again Apple need to improve and get rid of it. It is a production of special materials manufacturers broke the news, iPhone 5 will use their plant nitrogen coating material of this new shell, called a scratch-resistant wear effects. This is called before the iPhone 4 aluminosilicate glass panel (helicopters and high-speed trains use the glass, 30 times the hardness of the plastic, scratch plan) sounds very similar characteristics. But the so-called N coating material is not clouds, but also be tried when the iPhone 5 only know after the listing.

IPhone 5 Support the 4G network

When HTC first to achieve support for 4G mobile phone network, the industry's expectations of the iPhone 5 on the multi-up. According to report, the current LTE technology has been largely set the standard for next-generation mobile networks. Ericsson, ZTE, Nokia - Siemens, Shanghai Bell, also have to deploy LTE networks. So, iPhone 5 did not support the 4G network technology of natural obstacles. In addition, iPhone 5 embedded SIM card, I'm afraid the news is Apple wishful thinking.

iPhone 5 Longer battery life

Apple said the iPhone 4 of talk time than the iPhone 3GS than 40%, iPhone 5 to further improve battery life there is nothing to doubt it? IPhone does have a user that the battery has not replaced a lot of trouble, hoping one day you can freely change iPhone battery. However, compared with the improved battery life, the reporter also believe that Apple's current design principles - minimalist, do not remove the battery, ready to sync iTunes charge, which must bring a piece of the battery.

In addition, the insiders said the iPhone 5 may also have functions such as radio frequency identification (RFID) capabilities, biometrics, remote data synchronization, more storage space, more 3D graphics chip to support Flash, etc. , really have to wait until next June when the iPhone 5 release.